Steven Woodward - Sculptor

Federal Reserve

In July 2009, the Ninth District Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis commissioned a commemorative sculpture for the Bank’s president, Gary Stern. Mr. Stern was the longest-acting president in the Bank’s history, retiring after 24 years of service. The respect and admiration that the employees felt for him was apparent and wonderful to experience firsthand. Of the many papers, articles and speeches he gave on important matters concerning economics and public policy, Mr. Stern also published the book Too Big To Fail in the year 2004.

Consideration of the site, a quite seating area with mature shade trees and plantings set within the expansive front plaza of the Federal Reserve Bank building, informed the scale and placement of the sculpture. The text below, etched into its front pages, was supplied by Mr. Stern’s associates at the Bank:

Gary H. Stern was the longest-serving president in the history of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, from 1985-2009. Gary's lasting legacy is his commitment to ideas and to the discipline of careful reasoning. He fostered a culture of research and analysis at the Bank that will long endure.

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