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These paintings were created using geometrical patterns unique to Arab cultures combined with photographs of sculptures taken in my studio. Their union simultaneously expresses the historical roots of the hand-braided rugs I re-use and the purity of mathematical precision, part of the heritage of Arabian culture to the western world.

These geometrical patterns were often used as interior screens for separation or for horizontal and vertical tile setting. Reversing this function (using the line of the pattern itself to convey the image) re-weaves the sculptures along with the entire contents of the room in which the images were taken.

On one level, the floor, tables, walls and the sculptures themselves become a very graphic, flattened image. When seen another way, the eye recognizes the depth of the image, visually opening into a three-dimensional space and the sculpture that is at its center.

These paintings are composed of archival ink on canvas, protected with a high gloss UV light absorbing varnish. The canvas is adhered (dead flat) onto laminated Baltic Birch plywood and razor cut at the edges of the frame, exposing the thinness of the canvas and absolute flatness of the picture plane. This technique further flattens the image while enhancing its visual depth. As a result, the pattern appears to be cut from a fabric of infinite dimensions, alluding to the mystical dimensions of mathematical perfection.


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